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About Me

Hi! My name is Caroline Hodge, and I am a Dallas based lighting designer, master electrician and programmer. My cosmopolitan experience across the whole field of lighting makes me an electrician with an eye for the designers vision; and a designer with a technical base rooted in what's possible on a project. Whether I'm your one stop shop for all things lighting, or I'm a pinch hitter operating in a more specialized role, my broad knowledge base makes me an intelligent and collaborative player on any production team!


My Style

My design style favors bold use of  saturated color and texture. I aim to use light to curate a "more than real" feeling, and to elevate a space to a place beyond our everyday visual world.

My Philosophy

The human eye cannot perceive light in it's wave form. We are only able to see it once its hit an object and been absorbed and reflected back to the eye. Likewise, we can't access artistic expression in the raw. The creative impulse is given meaning by the art we make from it. Turning pure idea into an actual extant work of art is my favorite thing about what I do for a living.

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